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How to Connect to

1. Go to
2. Log in with your username and password

3. When you have reached the Dashboard on the side bar on the left click “settings”.
4. Settings will drop a new menu down, click “Public Profile”.
5. On the bottom of the Public Profile menu click “interactive toys”.

6. On the far right there is a green button that says, “Connect to mobile app”, click on it.

7. Select FeelConnect Mobile App as the Service.

8. Please open the FeelConnect 3 app on your phone (if you haven’t done so, please download it via the iOS App store or Google Play Store). Select the “Devices” tab and tap on the “Add a device” button or tap on the “+” sign and select “Device” and tap on the “Search for device button”. Side-note: Make sure your Bluetooth is on and your device is in Bluetooth mode.

9. Tap on the “Connect” button next to the device you would like to use and confirm the device works but tapping on the “Test your device” button.

10. Once you have successfully connected to the device this confirmation screen will be displayed.

11. To connect the device to skyprivate,  select “Video -> Websites” tab.

12. Once you tap the “Add website” button, a QR code scanner will show up.

14. Now scan the QR code with the FeelConnect app.
15. Once you have scanned the QR code you are now connected to Cam4 and you can edit your tip target / goal.

You are all set up and all tips will automatically be handled by the FeelConnect app   and will make your interactive device vibrate!

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